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A shorter, kid-friendly explanation of the basics

A longer explanation of the history of Brexit that was originally made for adults, so uses tougher vocabulary

Theresa May

Theresa May voted AGAINST Brexit... and now it's her job to make Brexit happen!


"Who Is Theresa May?

Following the resignation of David Cameron, Theresa May became Britain's first female PM since Margaret Thatcher and the first to lead the country out of the European Union after its historic Brexit referendum, which was held in June 2016. May is a member of the Conservative Party and originally voted to stay in the E.U., despite having reservations. Prior to her taking the top office, she had served as home secretary since 2010 and was elected MP (Member of Parliament) of Maidenhead in 1997. "


What is Brexit Really About?

A main issue is immigration .

In parts of the Middle East and parts of Northern Africa, there are wars and violence going on for complicated reasons.  Large numbers of people from those countries are trying to find safety in Europe and other places - these people are called refugees. 

Because it is easy to travel within the European Union, many immigrants come to Britain for the economic opportunities there.  Brexit will allow Britain to restrict immigration.

While many economists will say that immigration is good for everyone, there are also some people who think immigration will take away jobs or change society in ways they don't like.

-Ms. Weber

What Could Happen?

What could happen now?

The UK parliament has been trying to reach a deal for years now and they haven't been able to.  Now they have another extension - until Halloween 2019.  What could happen?

  • Reverse Brexit - Surveys show that most would support reversing Brexit.  However, the people voted on it, so some think if it is reversed, the government won't take elections as seriously in the future.
  • "Crash out"- Britain exits with no deal.  This could result in an economic disaster.
  • Deal - Everyone is hoping that Prime Minister Theresa May and the British parliament will be able to come to a deal with the rest of the European Union, but so far, no one can agree on a deal.

-Ms. Weber