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Grade 4 Websites: Home


Arcademics A website where kids practice math facts and concepts through arcade games.

Illuminations This is a fabulous website by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics that has lessons and interactive games.

 Johnnie's Math Page A website that divides the concepts by grade and then by topic. It has a lot of games to practice math facts and concepts.

Math Cats A website where students figure out logic problems.

Math Playground This website has a plethora of games all arranged by topic and grade.

Number Bonds Fractions This is a game where children can practice creating number bonds. There is a learning curve to this game, but it can become addictive quickly.



Newsela A news website where you can change the lexile or grade level of the text.

Computer Practice

Typing Agent To practice typing, each girl has an account created for them.

Username: 27lastnamefirstinitial (ex.27smithl)

Password: red123 (This is for the first login only; students will be able to change their passwords)

Fun Stuff