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Grade 2 Websites: Home


Arcademics A website where kids practice math facts and concepts through arcade games.

Fun Brain These games are great for practicing core math skills.

Fun4theBrain These games have a mix of practicing math skills and logic games.

Greg Tang Math An adventure math game which focuses on the operations. You have to quickly see the relationship.

Illuminations This is a fabulous website by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics that has lessons and interactive games.

 Johnnie's Math Page A website that divides the concepts by grade and then by topic. It has a lot of games to practice math facts and concepts.

Math Cats A website where students figure out logic problems.

Math Games Games on numeracy, addition and subtraction. Their numeracy section focuses on understanding rather than memorization.

Math Playground This website has a plethora of games all arranged by topic and grade.

Number Bonds to 20 This is a game where children can practice creating number bonds. There is a learning curve to this game, but it can become addictive quickly.


Tangrams This is a challenging tangram game.


One More Story A website where students can read real books. The books can also be read to them.

Newsela A news website where you can change the lexile or grade level of the text.

ReadWriteThink This is a website that targets writing concepts. There’s even a comic book creator! 
While there are a few games that focus on phonics and spelling, the main purpose is to support writing. You can refine by grade or by concept.


Computer Practice

Typing Agent To practice typing, each girl has an account created for them.

Username: 29firstnamelastname (ex: 29johnsmith)

Password: red123 (This is for the first login only; students will be able to change their passwords)

Fun Stuff