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Middle School Library: Library Rules and Guidelines

Rules and Guidelines


  • Ms. Lisa Dettling, US Librarian/Department Chair

  • Ms. Mary Stan Burke, US Librarian

  • Ms. Libby Molina, MS Librarian

  • Ms. Tali Balas, LS Librarian

  • Ms. Sara Rosado, LS/MS Associate Librarian


1. Work quietly. Both adults and students need to use the library for study, reading and research. Detention may be given for excessive talking or causing disruption to others.

2. Share equipment and materials.

3. Portable electronic devices may not be used in the library (no iPods, cell phones, etc.)

4. Students may not have food, drink, candy or gum in the libraries.

5. Keep book bags away from traffic areas.

6. Do not put your feet on the furniture.

7. Do not sit on tables.

8. Clean up after yourself (pick up trash, take your belongings, push in your chair)


1. All library items must be checked out. Borrowing privileges may be suspended for students who remove materials without permission.

2. Lending periods vary by type of material, class year and lending library. Regular circulating materials in the L/MS Library are checked out for two weeks and may be renewed.

3. Reference books, laptops, and certain reserved materials may be used only in the libraries.

4. Return materials to the owning library (i.e. Upper School materials must be returned to the US Library).

5. Do not lend your library materials to others. You are responsible for items you borrow and for returning them.


1. Middle School students will receive overdue notices before vacations.

2. Students will be charged for damaged or lost items at the end of the year.

LS/MS Library charges are: Hardcover $10, Paperback $5

(Some charges may be higher for items whose costs exceed the amounts listed above.)

As an alternative to charges, the libraries will accept new, duplicate copies as replacements.


1. Use library equipment and electronic resources for schoolwork only.

2. Notify library staff if equipment is not working properly.

3. Log off computers after use.

4. Laptops are for use in the library only. Do not leave laptops unattended.

5. Students may not use chat lines, instant messaging, or games (unless assigned by a teacher) in the libraries.

6. Students must observe school policy when using the Internet.

7. Print wisely and sparingly; color printing must be approved by library faculty. Double-sided printing is ideal.


1. Sign your name in the sign-in book when you arrive (by 3:30). Notify a librarian if you need to leave the library for any reason.

2. Work quietly so everyone can concentrate.

3. Use laptops for academic work at the tables (not the floor).
4. Clean up your work area before you leave.